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American Tattoo Society

ATS maintains dedicated counter staff at all times to not only take care of those who have questions about tattoos but also to make sure those getting tattooed are comfortable the entire time.

We want to make sure that our customer is 100% comfortable for the duration of the tattoo. Receiving a tattoo can sometimes be a slightly painful experience, however, at American Tattoo Society our customer service helps alleviate some of that pain!
ATS also helps our customers by pricing over the phone and online. Most tattoo shops do not do this because there is no way to see the area and know how large or detailed the tattoo will be. We know that military life, (especially for younger soldiers with children, or those deployed) does not always allow free time.

We pride ourselves in not rushing the customer and make sure to take ample time to provide the exact tattoo that our customer desires.
Choosing a tattoo shop is extremely important! Remember the act of getting a tattoo or piercing creates an open wound.

For this reason, the American Tattoo Society is kept extremely clean and has extensive cleaning practices. When looking for a shop or artist, you should look for a shop that has amazing artwork and precise piercings. You normally can view the portfolios of the artists at most shops to see the quality of work. Every artist has his/her own signature style, even if they can perform all tattoos, it is still a good idea to choose an artist that specializes in the style you want. Check out our artist portfolios on Facebook, Instagram, or here on our website. American Tattoo Society has multiple full-time tattoo artists per location, we also have several piercers and host amazing guest artists from all over the world monthly. All of our artists have certifications in bloodborne pathogens and have tattooed for multiple years before coming to ATS. Coming to American Tattoo Society is a great choice, don’t believe us just check out our reviews!